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       Thinker Lighting Electronic  Co., Limited  founded in 2008, is a comprehensive and high-tech enterprise for LED lighting. Specializes in LED Strip Light ,LED Neon Light, LED Aluminum Profiles ,LED Controllers and Led Panel light ;They are deeply welcomed in European, American and South east Asia markets. All our products are designed to save energy and promote environmental protection.

     Thinker lighting Co.,ltd covers more than 25,000 square meters. Monthly Products Capacity :  1 Million meters LED Strip. Highest Monthly Products Capacity : 1.2 Million meters Strip light. Total number of employee : 500, Management of  35  people, workers  400 people.There are 30 engineers and 30 QC testing persons. Designers group is very big as well which includes 5 people.

       Thinker Lighting   do chips packaging by themself,such as Die Bonding- Bonding Wire-Glue chips-Stripping –Sorting chips-Tape chips-Baking chips. There are total 53 sets machines as below:

6 sets Solid machines, 6 sets Welding machines ,6 sets Dispensing Glue machines, 6 sets stripping machines ,6 sets Spectral Braid machines , 8 sets Baking machines, 6 sets  SMT machines , 2 sets Reflow soldering machines. 1 set Integrating sphere test machines. 6 sets QC testing machines.

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